This wikispace is set up for the design and development of the Improving Teacher Quality: Sustainability Engineering through Math, Science, Literacy, Technology, and Problem-Based Learning at Oklahoma State University. Flyer for 2008-09 What's expected of participants?

School Pages are Here!!!

Grant Members and Contact Information:

Susan Stansberry, Educational Technology, College of Education
207 Willard, 405.744.8007

Karen High, Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, Architecture, Technology
423 Engineering North 405.744.9112 Cell 405.747.5105

Jean Dockers, Science Education, College of Education
234 Willard, Office 405.744.3883 Cell 918.269.6353

Gayla Hudson, Education Research
325A Willard, 405-744-3539; 405.627.4260 (cell)

Rebecca Damron, English, College of Arts and Science
104 Morrill 405-744-9365 405-612-3845

Alonzo Peterson, Math
Langston University
Department of Mathematics
311 Jones Hall